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Abandon rate

Describes the number of abandoned calls per time unit and is measured in abandoned calls / hour. The abandon rate provides indirect information on how fast calls are put through.

Abandoned call

Abandoned calls are calls that were terminated by the caller before the caller could be put through.


The Automatic Call Distribution (acd software, acd system) distributes incoming calls of a company to employees or agents of the customer service center. The ACD software distributes the calls according to defined rules in order to connect the customer with the best possible employee. Criteria such as skill or language of the agent are taken into account.

The ACD also provides a queue (waiting field) for callers to enter if no agent is available and the call cannot currently be answered. In the queue itself a music on hold is played or an announcement is made about further service offers.

In modern ACD systems, e-mails, faxes, web chats, documents and social media posts are also distributed and can be answered by the Call Center agent.


A Call Center agent is a person who manages customer communication in a Call Center. The agents process calls, e-mails, faxes, chats, social media, letters and other contact channels. A distinction is made between passive and active communication. With passive communication, the Call Center agent waits for a call, e-mail, … is assigned by the ACD. In case of active communication, the agent starts the communication by calling, writing an e-mail, …

The requirements for a Call Center agent are as follows:

  • Pleasant voice
  • Professional communication with customers
  • Positive personality and high stress resistance
  • Fast and efficient work
  • Good knowledge of PC use
  • Good industry knowledge

Auto responder

An automatic response, or auto responder, describes the automation of a standard response for text-based communication channels. The best known are automatic replies to e-mails. But even in the case of chat communication, there is often an automated greeting or other status messages such as the position in the waiting field.