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Call Center

A Call Center is the part of a company that answers calls from customers centrally. A Call Center is also a company that answers calls from customers on behalf of other companies.

In its further development into a multi-channel Call Center, it is also referred to as a Contact Center. This means that in addition to the calls, other contact channels are also served, such as e-mail.

Call me button

Call me button or call back button. A function of the ACD that allows you to initiate a callback from a website. The call is usually done similar to a preview dialer call.


A campaign describes a marketing activity with a time limit and single topic for products or services. Campaigns are usually aimed at specific groups of people.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to the consistent orientation of a company towards its customers and the systematic design of customer relationship processes. The associated documentation and management of customer relationships is an important building block and enables in-depth relationship marketing. In many industries (e.g. telecommunications, mail order, service companies), relationships between companies and customers are long-term. CRM is used to maintain these customer relationships, which should have a significant effect on the success of the company.