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Peak is the time span with the most events, e.g. most calls within one time span.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialing also automatically dials the telephone numbers of the contact list or database of the respective company or service provider. In addition, the dialer software uses mathematical procedures to continuously monitor various parameters, such as the current availability or the average call duration of each employee, and includes this in the calculation for dialing. Predictive dialing is therefore a predictive, self-regulating dialing process. The predictive dialer controls the number of dialing attempts per freelancer, taking into account the current and historical availability of the customer and on the basis of the resulting forecast. With the help of a predictive dialer, calls are initiated in such a way that a freelancer is immediately available for an established connection. This not only minimizes the employee’s waiting time between two contacts, but ideally ensures that as many calls are made as connections are established by the dialer, without having to interrupt call attempts. Terminated calls result in the telephone ringing at the consumer’s end, but there is no call partner at the other end of the line after the call has been picked up (lost/abandoned call) or it only rings very briefly at all (dropped call). Consumers find this annoying or threatening. However, these effects can be avoided, because in predictive and power dialers a large number of criteria for dialing can be flexibly and individually set.

In contrast to the Preview Dialer, the Predictive Dialer dials completely without agents, whereas in the Preview Dialer the dialing speed depends exclusively on the agents and is also triggered by them.

Preview Dialer

With Preview Dialing, a large number of contacts are automatically called from a database or a list, either fully or partially. The customer data is presented to the agent before the actual dialing (preview) and then manually triggered by the agent, or automatically.

The advantage of this method over the predictive dialer is that the agent can prepare himself for every phone call because he has all the data before the actual contact already available.