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Realt Time Data

Real time data is statistical data that is used in a contact center to analyze the current state of the contact center. Whether the accessibility of the ACD, the efficiency of agents or dialers or even the achievement of an SLA can be displayed in real time. This real-time data is visualized graphically in Dashboard / Wallboard. This visualization in the form of diagrams or digital instruments makes it very easy to recognize or predict critical situations.

Response Time

Response time is the time a customer must wait for a response from a contact center. This can be the time until the call is connected to an agent or an e-mail is answered.

robinson list

In the Robinson list, consumers can store their contact information to avoid receiving promotional calls or mail and e-mail that they have not explicitly agreed to. The Robinson list is used by most advertisers.


The targeted distribution of incoming calls, e-mails, chats, … is called routing. In omnichannel ACD systems the ACD takes over this routing. For example, the selection of agents is made on the basis of skills. However, further criteria such as locations, languages, customer assignment, etc. can also be used for routing.