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Seated Agent

Seated agents are those agents who are on the job and ready to receive incoming conversations.

Service Level

The service level is the number of answered calls, e-mail, chats, … in a previously defined period of time. This usually refers to the number of calls answered by agents. However, there are also interpretations where the query is counted as answered by an IVR system. In all cases, however, a maximum time is always specified during which a certain quota of calls, e-mail, chats, … were processed. A typical specification is 80/20 which expresses that within 20 seconds 80% of incoming calls, e-mails, chats, … were answered.


Skill, ability or subject. In a contact center, the skill is used as an essential criterion for agent configuration. Each agent of a contact center is assigned one or more skills. Thus, the agent is ready to process conversations about the affected skills. In this case, the ACD supports skill-based routing.

Skill based routing

Skill based routing is the ability of an ACD to distribute incoming conversations to agents according to their capabilities. If an agent has the ability to work in support, this agent will only receive support conversations from the ACD because it only has this ability. Further abilities are the languages of which an agent is powerful.


A call center supervisor is tasked with monitoring the operation of a call center, from the physical building to staff and customers. The supervisor usually manages the staffing, including the planning of working hours and breaks. The supervisor is also responsible for ensuring that the needs of the call center’s customers are met professionally, efficiently and satisfactorily. When a way to improve or streamline a process is discovered, it is often up to the call center supervisor to initiate changes.

The hiring, training and disposition of employees are tasks that are usually the responsibility of the call center supervisor. The supervisor is obliged to keep abreast of company policies and changes and to pass them on to the appropriate call center employees. As a rule, the supervisor is also responsible for the preparation of production reports, work plans and related administrative tasks.