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Waiting time

Waiting time is the period of time a caller has to wait for the actual contact with an agent, i.e. the entire period of time from the receipt of the call to the greeting by the agent. The waiting time is determined individually for each communication channel, so the waiting times for calls, e-mails, faxes, chat, … are different in the rules.

Web chat

The web chat of an ACD provides the functionality to chat directly in the ACD from a web page. The chat is handled in the same way as all other communication channels and assigned by the ACD to an agent or placed in the waiting field.

Workforce management

In the Contact Center this describes the planning of the number of agents with the necessary skills for the future days and weeks. The number of agents required can be precisely determined on the basis of various criteria such as the expected volume of customer contacts, average processing times and other factors, and the shift schedule can thus be optimized.


Describes the state in which an agent is after serving a customer contact and there are still final tasks to be completed. There is a variant of dynamic rework or manual or static rework. In all cases, the agent in rework is not taken into account by the distribution of the ACD or a dialer.