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Skill based routing is a term from the call- and contact center industry and describes an algorithm for the distribution of calls, e-mails, … as it is also used in myCC. This algorithm is used to assign calls, e-mails, chats, … (conversations) to agents according to their skills. The more qualified an agent is for a skill, the more frequently conversations are assigned to that agent. In the case of reverse skill-based routing, this order is reversed. If reverse skill-based routing is used, less qualified agents are assigned conversations first and the more qualified agents are available for more complex tasks that cannot be processed by other agents. In myCC you can work with any number of qualifications and thus achieve a very fine granularity in agent selection. In order to use this granularity effectively, various parameters, such as a time delay, can be adjusted as required. Simple tasks can thus be processed quickly by less qualified agents and at the same time the experts are given more time for the more complex questions. The result is more satisfied customers and lower costs. Use myCC to harness these effects in your company. Please contact one of our partners near you.

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